Some Frequently Asked Questions, answered: 

What is Restaurant Reason?

Restaurant Reason is the new industry standard for staff training and communications. The powerful online tools we provide make it easy to train your staff so they can create exceptional guest experiences and increase sales. The system makes it easier to manage your training programs, so your managers spend less time in the office and more time on the floor. With an easily managed program, you can provide high-quality training and empower your staff to represent you and your concept the way you would. 

What are the tools and how do they help me?

Your subscription provides access to the Core: the basic suite of services including the News Feed communication tool; the Menu Modules with Level Learning and the Library; Schedule upload capabilities; and file storage for documents such as training guides, HR materials, handouts, etc. As a result of your ability to deliver high-quality information to all of your staff, growing organizations can better facilitate talent management, cultivating their team from the ground up. Promoting staff from within saves you money and allows for a strong culture and operational continuity, the foundations of growth.

  • Training: Menu Modules with Level Learning is the key component to Restaurant Reason. Our signature format allows your staff to learn more information in less time. A better understanding of your menus means higher sales and better guest experiences.

  • Communicate: The News Feed allows for you to deliver direct notifications to your staff, for the staff to communicate with the restaurant, and to communicate with each other. You can use this to notify staff of special events, news, changes in policy, etc. Each time you post to your private News Feed the staff automatically receives a notification to their email that there is a new post. Rather than send the notice directly through email, staff must sign in to view it. This encourages engagement with your training materials and increases staff use of the Menu Modules .
  •  Schedule: If you’re manually creating the schedule, you can easily upload a PDF to be downloaded at any time to any device that can store or read PDF files. This means your staff has 24/7 instant access to their schedules. As well, they can communicate directly through our forums to seek coverage should they need to. This makes the approval process much faster, making sure you have enough staff for service.
  •  File storage: We currently offer unlimited storage so you can manage as many files, photos, videos, etc. as you need to best execute your program.

Do we have to sign a contract?

We ask our clients to sign a Service Agreement that outlines what Restaurant Reason’s responsibilities are to you as our client. They are written in plain language with no automatic renewals. If at any time you find that you wish to discontinue our relationship, we ask that you provide us written notice before the 15th day of the next service month. 

If you prefer the stability of a longer-term contract, one-year non-renewing contracts are available. We do ask that you pay for your service in advance and doing so will save you 10% for the year.

What happens after I sign an agreement?

Having been managers, we know how valuable your time is and how little of it your have. That’s why we do all of the initial setup for you. We’ll meet to discuss your goals, you'll provide us with the following items and we will deliver your complete custom site, ready to use:

  1.  Copies of all menus (food and beverage)
  2. A complete staff list with names, email, positions
  3. Training documents including existing menu descriptions*, employee handbooks, service manuals, etc
  4. Schedule(s)

What if I don't have all that stuff?

Not to worry. We will work with you to develop what you need. Take a look at our Consulting Services to see more or simply reach out and let us know your particular needs.

How does the staff know to log in?

Each time a staff person is added to your Restaurant Reason Staff List they will receive a customizable ‘Welcome Email’. The email includes their personal login information, a link to your private Restaurant Reason page, and any other welcome information you wish to provide.

What kind of technical support does Restaurant Reason offer?

Generally, managers are encouraged to aid their own employees with issues specific to the restaurant (missing items, descriptions, etc.) Malfunctions with the site, login issues, or other problems with Restaurant Reason can be addressed through 24/7 email-support or by calling your Account Manager. 

Who maintains the information over time?

Because the Menu Modules are so easy to use, you will find that maintaining your system over time takes minutes not hours. You know the intimate nuances of your business better than anyone, so you control the system once we’ve delivered the initial site to you.

What if we want Restaurant Reason to help with making changes?

We are happy to make seasonal adjustments to your menus and assist with other large menu change projects. While this is not included under the Service Agreement, let’s talk about it. We will provide you with a fixed-cost proposal for these kinds of services for you to review or we can work on an hourly rate. Often times, it may be easier for us to manage these bulk changes to help maintain the consistency of your training material format.


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